There is nothing like the stories of Jack London to get through the long, cold nights of the winter months.

White FangWhite Fang by Jack London
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I can picture reading this as a student in Junior High. Though we were never assigned this one, It has overtones of “Old Yeller” or “The Yearling”, books that were assigned and I did read as a youngster. One of my all-time favorites to this day, London’s “The Sea Wolf”, was a High School English reading assignment. Jack London has been a favorite author of mine ever since.

More of a story than a novel really, “White Fang” touches on so many parallels of realities and values, transcending even into today’s world, that it’s pure simplicity makes it sophisticated. Some may say that I’m reading more into it than was actually intended, but I don’t think so. London was a very deep man, despite some of his seemingly shallow works.

There is something about a story of a dog that strikes a chord with a young boy and lingers long into adulthood. It’s inevitable that a book like “White Fang” should incite fond memories of a old, trusted childhood pet. After all, dog is “man’s best friend”.

I love this book and nearly choked up on the closing lines. Perhaps I still am a young lad at heart!

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