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Published in 1964, To Kill a Mockingbird, an instant success, has become an American literary classic. Based upon actual events and observations by the author, it is a reflection of a time, not too long ago, in the deep south and touches on the virtues of honesty and courage while also portraying the blatant, racism prevalent at the time. It is Harper Lee’s only published work.

To Kill a MockingbirdTo Kill a Mockingbird by Harper Lee
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An American classic novel, I had seen the movie featuring Gregory Peck as Atticus Finch many, many years ago and couldn’t recall the ending but I hadn’t read the book until now.

There have been so many stories that seem to similarly revolve around this story line, John Grisham’s first (and still one of his best in my opinion) “A Time to Kill” as an example.

Reading Harper Lee’s classic (I never realized Harper was a female), took me by surprise when justice was not correctly served in the end. I was thinking that it was to be another victorious ending for the “good guy” championing the “good cause”. But then again, this novel was an original in it’s genre, and reflected back to when the value system in the corrupt south was in real need of being rectified.

At the very end however, justice does seem to prevail, though in a very obscure way.

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