Michael Connelly had been around a while before his The Lincoln Lawyer novel, my first Connelly, with his Hieronymus “Harry” Bosch series. City of Bones is my first and surely not the last of my experience in the series.

City Of Bones (Harry Bosch, #8)City Of Bones by Michael Connelly
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Every Michael Connelly I’ve read is even better than the previous, starting with my first encounter – The Lincoln Lawyer. Connelly’s twists and turns are virtually impossible to predict, resulting in a roller-coaster ride all the way to the last page. This is my first of the Hieronymus Bosch series and appears to be the last with the detective’s choice of retirement at the end, which inspires me to go back and start from the beginning.

For a fairly quick and entertaining read, “City of Bones” is highly recommended.

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Steve D.

City of Bones (Harry Bosch) (Paperback)

On New Year’s Day, a dog finds a bone in the Hollywood Hills–and unearths a murder committed more than twenty years earlier.

It’s a cold case, but for Detective Harry Bosch, it stirs up memories of his childhood as an orphan. He can’t let it go. As the investigation takes Bosch deeper into the past, a beautiful rookie cop brings him alive in the present. No official warning can break them apart–or prepare Bosch for the explosions when the case takes a few hard turns. Suddenly all of L.A. is in an uproar, and Bosch, fighting to keep control, is driven to the brink of an unimaginable decision.

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