After finishing the last book set in Berlin during the 1930s, I was still in the mood of the period so I picked out Gore Vidal’s The Golden Age for my next read. Though classified as fiction, I would imagine that many of the details are based on factual recollections since Vidal was involved in the events described in the story. I thoroughly enjoyed his style of writing with its clever wit and sharp intelligence.

The Golden AgeThe Golden Age by Gore Vidal
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Nothing like a juicy, historical novel, though you have to do some research to determine the actual from the fictional. Enjoyable, entertaining and informative, the story line read like a cross between a James Mitchener novel and “Mad Men”.

Being that this is book 7 and final novel of Vidal’s Narratives of Empire series and having not read the first 6 of the series, I would venture to guess that this was more detailed and realistic than the others due to the fact that Vidal was actually there through it all and is, in fact, a character in it.

My first Vidal, I plan to read more from him, particularly the other 6 of the series starting from the beginning.

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