One year after my first Michener novel, Recessional, I experienced my second. James Michener is the master of the historical novel and Poland one of his finest at the time of it’s publication.

PolandPoland by James A. Michener
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By Michener’s Poland, I am far more learned about the country and have gained an enormous amount of respect for it’s people. If I can offer any negative criticism of the book, it would be that it didn’t go into nearly enough detail of the incredible events endured over the centuries by this troubled land. But, that may be a good thing in that it inspired me to learn even more about Poland and it’s surrounding regions.

Michener’s method of teaching history by entwining actual facts into a readable story is a quite effective way of learning as reading actual non-fictional accounts can often-times be as dry as eating a box of saltines.

This is only my second Michener novel and definitely won’t be my last!

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