Searching through books to fill the time till my requested selections became available, I took an interest in Peter Heller’s The River, mainly because it just seemed like a topic that I would enjoy. The book cover art grabbed my attention as well!

The RiverThe River by Peter Heller
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

I thoroughly enjoyed “The River” and could not put it down!

It paints beautiful mental images of the great outdoors, far far away from the “rat race”, which really appealed to this reader. The characters were charismatic, and the camaraderie of Jack and Wynne pretty much made the book in my opinion.

Of course, I couldn’t help but reflect back to the movie classic “Deliverance” as the story unfolded, but even though the settings were similar, “The River” had a fundamentally different story-line – better, in my opinion. I believe that this river drama, like the 1970 thriller, has the potential to make a fantastic movie!

I guess if I had a pet-peeve with the writing, it would be the sporadic drifting into mental images of Jack’s past, it seemed as if they were added to give the story some profound depth, which didn’t really work for me. I was glad when the passages continued back on task.

Also, it seemed that the finish was kind of a letdown, it just stopped! I was actually saddened when the next chapter was “epilogue.”

Nevertheless, I’m keeping my eye out for the movie!

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