Every now and then, I like to get into an entertaining work of fiction. That’s exactly what I found with Thunderhead by Douglas Preston and Lincoln Child. Since traveling to the “Four Corners” area in 1985, I’ve always had a passion for it. Thunderhead revisits all of those locations and brings them alive once again.

Thunderhead (Nora Kelly, #0)Thunderhead by Douglas Preston
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Recently sharing with a friend of my trip to the “Four Corners” area in 1985, I came upon this book. And since I like to dive into a juicy work of fiction from time to time, this looked like a perfect selection.

And I couldn’t have been more right! This book, whether it happened to be about an area that I’d recently been thinking about, or just because it’s a real gripper, kept me enrapt from cover to cover.

Sure, some of the story may seem far-fetched (i.e. the skinwalkers), but if you put it into context (ala Serpent and the Rainbow), the influence of the regional drugs and the Indian folklore and traditions would resolve all of that. And as far as the other “unbelievable” and “not too accurate” parts? Well, it is just a book! And fiction at that!

The bottom line is, I simply couldn’t put this book down. That’s exactly what I was looking for too! Something to take me out of the day to day, and into another world!

This was one of those that saddened me when reaching the end of it.

Thunderhead is my third Preston and Child book. All three have been interesting, but this is my favorite. Loved it!

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