Finding this available as a time filler until my next request became available, I saw that this “memoir” had been highly touted and given high praise, Bill Gates being a strong proponent. Mr. Gates’s choice of reading material and his suggestions haven’t failed me yet, as his recommendation of the book titled “Why We Sleep” was a very beneficial reading experience. So I delved into Educated.

EducatedEducated by Tara Westover
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

2 reasons I picked this as my last read – it was available, and it was rated highly by Bill Gates. To be quite honest, getting through the first 70% or so seemed a laborious task, but since I always give an author the benefit of the doubt and finish, I labored on.

I have to think about how many other family situations, just like Tara’s are currently going on in this country. Fortunately, she was strong enough (with a little support) to be able to get out of her situation and follow through with the decision to take steps to improve her life and remove herself the suppression of her beloved family. But then, most of us have to go through that to some degree, don’t we?

When this sad but true story “memoir” took a turn, I became enraptured in it. What a beautiful example of perseverance that the author displays!

And it’s no wonder it was recommended by Mr. Gates, as Tara Westover was a Gates Scholarship recipient!”

Made me feel more appreciative for my own relatively pleasant experiences growing up.

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