Though not the most well-written book I’ve read of late, and not extremely detailed about the still evolving life of Hillary Rodham Clinton, the real value of the book was personal, in that it reawakened feelings from those years, not all that long ago, which really stirred up some sentiments. It was the culmination of this biography, the election of Bill Clinton which occurred at about the time of its release, that took me back to a point in my life where tremendous changes were taking place.

Hillary: Her True Story: Her True StoryHillary: Her True Story: Her True Story by Norman King
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Upon hearing of Hillary’s announcement to commence a second presidential campaign, I picked this up from the book shelf where it has collected dust for a number of years. A quick read, King’s bio of Hillary’s formative years, college, and growth into a political dynamo, was written during the period of her husband’s ascent into the presidency. The book gives a glimpse of the hard work and the hardships she overcame. How she was a devoted mother, supporting wife, a force to be reckoned with in the courtroom, and powerful First Lady. Yet her life has evolved exponentially since this book was published, a fact that reinforces my opinion that King’s book is not the best one available to become better learned about this prodigious American.

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I’m Republican by tradition and have been a devout one all of my life, and think highly of Marco Rubio, the GOP hopeful for the same race, but after feeling I’ve gotten to know Hillary almost on a personal level over the last 30 years and respect the way she has handled the enormous challenges and adversities that have been thrown her way, I’m kind of leaning towards her and the Dems on this one. Well, maybe just a little.

Steve D.

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