David McCullough is one of the best biographers today and John Adams is considered by many to be his best work. Read further for my Goodreads.com review. With the understanding that the HBO special based on the Pulitzer winner is exceptional as well, I can’t wait to watch it!

John AdamsJohn Adams by David McCullough
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Abigail Adams died two hundred years ago, yet when I came to that point in John Adams, I practically “welled-up”. That’s the power and ability of David McCullough to bring to the forefront, characters and events of times past.

After indulging in several non-fictions of the founding years of our nation, John Adams was, for me, the glue that pulled them all together into a coherent understanding of the way it all went down.

Adams seemed to have his whole world against him (with the exception of his best friend Abigail) time and time again, yet stood by his principles and persevered with un-waivering determination to become not just one of the key characters in the birth of the United States of American, but perhaps of singular importance in making the experiment actually succeed.

If you are interested in learning more of the era, which I am, and if you are a fan of David McCullough, which I surely am, this is one of, if not the, best of his works.

Too bad five stars is the rating limit!

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