Like many other characters of timeless world fame whose greatness can be taken for granted without the desire to explore further, this biography of Leonardo da Vinci by Fritjof Capra makes the reader realize how truly amazing the man was and still is. Had da Vinci’s works been shared earlier in history, his influence would likely have had even more impact on modern science.

The Science of Leonardo: Inside the Mind of the Great Genius of the RenaissanceThe Science of Leonardo: Inside the Mind of the Great Genius of the Renaissance by Fritjof Capra
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While da Vinci’s artistic and scientific achievements are well known, the personal aspects of the man have been shrouded in mystery for centuries. Few writer’s who knew about him from first or second hand sources have given a depiction of the person Leonardo da Vinci – noteably Vasari, a 16th century biographer of painters of the Renaissance period, whose decription of Leonardo portrays him as eccentric, private, strong & beautiful in his youth, and perhaps gay. Little else is known outside of the writings of these early biographers about da Vinci’s youth or his personal side – yet there is less doubt as to his persona in his older years.

Fritjof Capra’s biography enlightens of Leonardo da Vinci’s diversified talents and re-emphasizes why the classical genius remains so well regarded through the centuries.

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