The name George Washington is so deeply ingrained into American culture, that it would be easy to dismiss reading his biography as old hat and blase. Sometimes, however, it is good to go ahead and dive into a biography like that anyway – perhaps there is new insight to be gained into an old, familiar character.

Washington: A LifeWashington: A Life by Ron Chernow
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My first Ron Chernow, it is obvious the amount of research and passion Chernow puts into his subject matter.

As many of the events of Washington’s life are mentioned in other books of the period, this account goes into extreme detail and allows the reader to view those events from the perspective of Washington himself. I believe that, were it not for the presence of George Washington among our founding fathers, the experiment would have failed.

It is simply amazing the perseverance that George Washington displayed all of his life. He gave 110%, right up to the very moment he died.

I’ve been wishing to get my hands on Chernow’s Hamilton biography.

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