As a fan of Stephen Ambrose, I felt confident his son would pick up superbly on this initial joint effort following Stephen’s death in the early stages of the creation of this work. The book provoked the HBO miniseries several years ago in which Steve Spielberg and Tom Hanks were involved following their work inspired by Ambrose senior’s “Band of Brothers”. This is my fourth book this year on the subject of war in the Pacific during WWII and was a great supplement to my learning experience.

The PacificThe Pacific by Hugh Ambrose
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“The Pacific” depicts the stories of a few American servicemen as their individual experiences wind and intertwine through the war against Japan from 1941 through 1945. Though this book is not necessarily for gaining all of the details of entire campaigns or battles, it does give the reader a taste of what the experience entailed through the eyes of an average US citizen soldier.

It was instrumental for me in putting the series of campaigns as they progressed through the war into a better perspective and also provided me with a clearer picture of how the post-war events (i.e. anti-communism) came about.

Hugh Ambrose may not be Stephen Ambrose, but he is an excellent and passionate author in his own right and will most certainly grow as he continues writing. I’m looking forward to another work of Hugh Ambrose.


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